Hey guise. If you are reading this then you are probably like, "Who's this guy and how did I get here?" Here's some answers. My gamertag is VzN Cat. I play XBL and love to Quickscope/Noscope in all Call of Duty games. I do quickscope in Black Ops. If you don't believe me then go here. CLICK HERE FOR THE WIN. and SUBSCRIBE while you're at it. I made this so I can tell people about myself and so people could see my Advertisements. They are great. Click on some, it's fun. And it gives me money so I can make more videos and not have to use Black Ops theater anymore. I will get an HD PVR if I get enough money from you guys clicking my ads. So, make sure to follow my blogspot, subscribe to my YouTube, comment and rate my videos, and have a wonderful month/year.